Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Event - Hampton Roads Authorfest 2014 - 11/22/2014

One week from today - Mark your calendars!

This exciting event will feature 24 local authors, book-signing, holiday gift opportunities, and seminars regarding publishing your work.

Don't miss it. The event will run 10:00AM - 4:00PM.  I hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maintaining Your Blog(s)

Okay, so it's a New Year and you have put away the holiday decorations, cleaned out the closets and have your tax papers all in one basket, ready to sit down and deal with that. But have you thought about your blogs?

A blog is a writing project that requires maintenance. I was just checking some stats. I have over 4,000 hits on all the blogs that I maintain. I am happy with that, but then I wondered, could the number have been higher?

That is when I started my list of things that I could do to maintain my blogs and make them even more appealing to others.

Here are some suggestions as you go into the New Year that will keep your blog fresh and attract readers.

1. Keep Posts Current - There is nothing sadder than to click over to a potentially interesting blog and find that the author has not updated the blog for over a year. Solution: Post a current update. Easy, right?

2. Keep Images Current and Appropriate - Does your blog have old images? Do the images go along with the title and focus of your blog?  Fotos, graphs, cartoons, whatever you are posting, your readers deserve good images to go with the posts.

3. Only Maintain a Few Key Blogs - This is is my downfall. I get an idea and I set up a blog to go with it. But sometimes I never get around to that new idea, because I am still working on the other things I am working on. This morning I deleted four underperforming (low hit numbers), out of date or otherwise irrelevant blogs that were just clogging up the blogosphere. I did readers a favor.

Maintaining relevance is key in the fast moving world of bloggging. Hopefully these tips will help you in maintaining your blog (or blogs).